Creative Help is passionate about the arts, we believe that art changes lives; we are not here to tell you what you need to do, we are here to provide practical help.

Creative Help works with specialists to support architects and their clients to create and build strong and sustainable cultural buildings in which design and purpose become one.

Creative Help wants to assist organisations and individuals through periods of change and high pressure, not by writing long reports but by lending you a helping hand.

Creative Help also loves to develop and produce new creative work, developing film, event and festival ideas as well as leading on a range of digital media projects.

Creative Help was born from real experience of major change and the frustration caused by the only help out there taking the form of expensive reports telling us what we needed to do rather than actually accepting we may already know this, and helping us through a period of strain.  Creative Help seeks to inject real practical strategic support through times of pressure, in essence we are here to support delivery of short, medium and long-term projects which at times might be right at the heart of an organisation. We will write reports if extra support and capacity is needed, perhaps to build a case for further support or make funding bids, but we see little point just confirming that an organisation needs help, confirming what you already know.

Gwilym Gibbons

Gwilym Gibbons


Creative Help was founded by Gwilym Gibbons FRSA. He is a producer, innovator and creative social entrepreneur.

Under Gwilym’s leadership, Creative Help works with a small technical team,  and recruits experience and skills from a collective of freelance creative sector professionals augmented with culture friendly specialist financial, legal and HR advice. All either currently work within the sector or have recent experience. The aim is high quality, experienced peer support. Supporting freelancers matched carefully to the particular need expressed by those seeking help. Creative Help also develops and leads on a range of its own creative projects spanning from events and festivals to film and TV.

David Williams

David Williams


David Williams FRSA is an highly experienced Coach, Facilitator & Consultant. He supports the critical relationship between senior managers and Boards of ethically driven organisations because we know this can make the difference between a functioning and dysfunctional company. He is passionate about developing resilience and sustainability through transformative and lasting change because we all live in an age of uncertainty, austerity and increasing scrutiny.

David brings his practical experience to go beyond legal compliance to best practice because it’s about living our values not covering our backs. He has over 30 years experience in leadership, governance and management in the third sector, he is also trained Coach and Facilitator with further specialist training in Emotional Intelligence and Nonviolent Communication (often used in mediation).

Lynda Anderson

Lynda Anderson

Creative Producer

Scientist, fiddle player, event producer and Shetlander. Lynda brings her passion for detailed, precise and practical challenges of biological research to the world of creative project management. She is driven and inspired by the plate-spinning, big-picture demands of the planning, coordination and delivery of events. Through her work in science and events, she has developed a set of diverse skills which include teamwork, coordination, festival management, event planning, customer relations, budgeting, science writing, research planning.

Lynda has a deep understanding of Scottish traditional music as a player and a promoter, a love for and strong connection with the Nashville music scene, both as a performer and as a Nashville resident. Lynda is a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Immunology / Cell Biology / Toxicology from Edinburgh Napier University. She is an experienced Postdoctoral Researcher, and Festival & Event Manager.

Jono Sandilands

Jono Sandilands


Jono has worked as a Graphic Designer and Artist for over 9 years. His multi-disciplinary roles has involved a cross section of different outputs: including print design, film & animation, web development, and creative coding for interactive artwork.

As a visual artist and printmaker he seeks to explore new technologies which enable a participatory experience for the viewer. In past projects, this has been achieved through interactivity and gameplay. He has a solid knowledge, understanding and experience working as a graphic designer, along with both traditional and digital printmaking techniques, his practice revolves print, physical objects and materials around digital technology.

Jono brings a unique perspective to design innovation through his interest in how the two worlds of virtual and physical meet, contrast and intertwine with one another – questioning our current use of technology in order to create alternative methods of design and image making. Jono is based in Bristol, England.


Channel 4 will remain in Glasgow, in event of Scottish Independence. 'We concluded... if Scotland separated in some way, there would still be sensible trade arrangements in place, and we would still be wanting to creatively represent the whole of the UK.'…

Creative Help makes full use of the power of online collaboration thus minimising expense where possible and increasing our availability. We do insist on seeing the whites of your eyes at least once though and we will agree early on with you a communications plan with training as required that best fits the task at hand. We use Box for managing and sharing files and Skype for meetings and conferences.

We do not accept commissions from external agencies or funders on behalf of clients unless we have a clear sense that any such approach is backed by the staff and governance of our client. We want to work directly for the people who need our support.

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