Small Changes – Significant Benefits

Small Changes – Significant Benefits

David Williams explains how he can work with you to transform your organisation through small changes that combine to create significant benefits.

• Build business resilience for long-term security.

• Focus on reputation excellence.

• Improve performance and effectiveness.

• Facilitated workshops, coaching, mentoring and consultancy.

Is this you?

You are doing an amazing job, but there is always stuff that holds you back from being outstanding.

Maybe you’re not quite sure what to do and you certainly don’t have time to work it out.

If this was made simpler and easier, would you be free to do more of what you are really good at?

That’s where I can help.

I will work with you to transform your organisation through small changes that combine to create significant benefits – for you, your organisation, your beneficiaries, stakeholders and your wider communities.

Do you recognise these?

Challenge: You don’t have head space to think long-term because it feels like you might not get to the end of the month. Consequence: Big-picture strategic issues that will improve your resilience and reputation become distractions that you rarely have time to think about.
Challenge: You and your team are driven by the passion for what you are doing now. Consequence: Your long-term focus on purpose and prosperity can get lost, putting the company in danger of a spiral of decline.

David’s help and support was invaluable, and he was incredibly supportive throughout our mentoring relationship. His experience and knowledge was extremely helpful to my work journey. He made great suggestions, was incredibly empathetic and was a superb sounding board. I would whole heartedly encourage anyone to work with David in a mentoring capacity.

– Gayle Bell, CEO of ESU

I came into the coaching session with preconceived ideas about where I wanted to go, but by the time I left, my plan was very different. David’s calm but direct probing was able to get me to think outside of the box and I was able to generate new ideas. Within a week, I had planned and launched my promotional campaign and got two new clients signed up. I doubt that I would have actually have got it off the ground, were it not for our coaching session.

– Fiona Macintosh

Small Changes – Significant Benefits

I am here to reduce the pain of your challenges and take the stress out of day-to-day survival.

What I can do for you:

Build business resilience for long-term security

  • Redesign board processes for consistency, priority-setting and clarity of purpose.
  • Gain clarity around strategy, fundraising and succession planning.
  • Review the work of your board, including skills audits, recruitment and induction.

Focus on reputation excellence by creating safe, trusting spaces.

  • Step back to refocus on the big picture.
  • Open dialogue and name the elephants in the room without fear of being judged.
  • Use risk management as a core tool to improve planning and impact monitoring.

Improve performance and effectiveness through coaching and mentoring.

  • A confidential thinking partner for who need to work things through before sharing.
  • A focused start for newly promoted people to help them off to a secure start.
  • Objective support for people who feel trapped and can’t see a way through.

Working with David was invaluable to our organisation. His two-day facilitation of a workforce and organisational development event allowed a small team of highly committed and talented staff to rediscover their individual and collective confidence and fulfilment. This was no easy task as a group of strong personalities with formidable individual competency and knowledge profiles had become exhausted and frustrated by an intense period of internal change and external repositioning.

David managed to reinvigorate individuals within their roles, facilitate a plan on how staff could work more effectively together going forward and was instrumental with the team positively re-engaging with the  challenge of how a creative, values-led third sector organisation can ensure its’ vision and values are reflected practically in how we behave operationally.

All of this achieved within two days with skill, insight and wisdom. Would recommend David to any organisation looking for empathetic consultation or facilitation.

– Jardine Simpson, CEO of the Scottish Recovery Consortium

About David


  • Chief executive (and interim) strategic leader
  • Trustee and chair
  • Consultant, coach, mentor and facilitator


  • Governance
  • Leadership
  • Organisation development


  • Developing and implementing recovery/improvement plans
  • Managing and supporting relationships among board and executive members
  • Analysing complex organisation data to avert a crisis.

Full CV available on request.

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May 14, 2020