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Hold the Space online workshop and discussion series

We are offering a new series of six conversations with the title of Hold the Space. We want you to hold a regular monthly slot in your diary (October – March, First Wednesday @ 4pm) and thematically we will “hold the space” to support chief executives in a safe environment for open and confidential dialogue. Please note, you don’t have to be a CEO – you could be a trustee or chair who is looking to better support your CEO.


Leading from a position of vulnerability

In this session, we will look at what it is to lead from a position of vulnerability and how this can be used as a source of strength.

In this session, we will look at what it is to lead from a position of vulnerability and how, with the right tools and mindset, this can actually be used as a source of strength. It’s fair to say that when any of us are faced with uncertainty or a threat to our way of life, we feel anxious. And of course, feeling this way for too long can overwhelm us and we start to function less well. It’s the body’s way of telling us we may need to do something different. Handled in the right way though, these feelings can actually help us.

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Dealing with your organisation’s lone wolves

How can we, as leaders and trustees, tackle the emerging organisational and societal enemies that are around us?

Leading with purpose webinar series

We are living through an extraordinary moment in time when we must act urgently to get to the end of the year, but we must also think long-term and do our best to Build Back Better.

Creative Help invites anyone in a leadership role, including CEOs, senior managers, chairs and trustees, to join us in four webinars exploring the theme of innovation.



Reinventing Structures

How can we, as leaders and trustees, improve our long-term prosperity as we struggle for day-to-day survival?



Reinventing Governance

Can we innovate to be more effective, more inclusive and more engaging?



Reinventing Direction

Can we transform the key organisation documents and make them more adaptable for our uncertain times?



Reinventing Planning

Can we adapt fast enough to our new context before we go bankrupt?

Who are we?

At Creative Help, we love to help people and places create. We are a consultancy practice born of a deep-seated belief in social justice and the ability of people and businesses to transform lives and communities.

We believe you have the answers to your challenges and our role is to take a creative approach to support your expertise through facilitation, coaching and consultancy. We also recognise that simply providing practical targeted creative help may be best for you, because sometimes just a little extra resource to jump the hurdle is enough.

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About the speakers

With backgrounds in governance and management in the arts and social enterprise, Gwilym Gibbons and David Williams are co-directors of Creative Help.

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At Creative Help, we love to help people and places create

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