• With backgrounds in governance and management in the arts and social enterprise, co-directors Gwilym Gibbons and David Williams are Creative Help – we are a consultancy practice born of a deep-seated belief in social justice and the ability of people and businesses to transform lives and communities.
  • We believe you have the answers to your challenges and our role is to take a creative approach to support your expertise through facilitation, coaching and consultancy. We also recognise that simply providing practical targeted creative help may be best for you, because sometimes just a little extra resource to jump the hurdle is enough. 

People – At Creative Help we love learning new things and meeting new people – we also love creating bespoke teams from our expert associate partners when appropriate. 

Profit – As a responsible business, we believe in profit with purpose: we love to make a difference and that comes first.

Planet – We do our best to work sustainably, taking the train, being digitally nimble and mobile.  We also check out our supply chain as we look for ongoing improvements.

We believe that responsible businesses have a social enterprise mindset of profit with purpose.

We support companies who are or aim to be responsible businesses and that means we are interested in hearing from businesses who share these values – private, public, third sector and everything inbetween. 

When appropriate, we work with a network of specialists.

Our expert associate partners have real-world experience and skills to support social value driven people and profit with purpose companies.

We work with organisations and individuals through periods of change and high pressure. With a particular expertise in large-scale capital projects.

We offer useful, practical, creative support: mainly through coaching, facilitation and managment consultancy.

We are creatives at heart.

We love to develop and produce new creative work: events, festivals, film projects and theatre.

Gwilym Gibbons

Gwilym Gibbons

Founder & Co-director

Gwilym Gibbons FRSA is an experienced CEO, leader, producer, social enterprise grounded arts person and former park ranger. He has led various charities and social enterprises across the UK with periods of work within, private and the public sector: including the NHS and local government. Gwilym brings extensive experience of client-side management and leadership of large-scale complex capital building projects. He supports and understands the role of the Client alongside the architect and contractor as one of the three vital elements needed to deliver great fit-for-purpose buildings. Gwilym also has a passion for shaping organisations and teams in readiness to open new doors – ensuring all parts of the team are part of the journey.

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David Williams

David Williams


David Williams FRSA is an experienced coach, facilitator and consultant including roles as chief executive, board member and chair. He supports the critical relationship between senior managers and Boards of ethically driven organisations because we know this can make the difference between a functioning and dysfunctional company. He is passionate about developing resilience and sustainability through transformative and lasting change because we all live in an age of uncertainty, austerity and increasing scrutiny.

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Lynda Anderson

Lynda Anderson

Creative Producer

Scientist, fiddle player, event producer and Shetlander. Lynda brings her passion for detailed, precise and practical challenges of biological research to the world of creative project management. She is driven and inspired by the plate-spinning, big-picture demands of the planning, coordination and delivery of events. Through her work in science and events, she has developed a set of diverse skills which include teamwork, coordination, festival management, event planning, customer relations, budgeting, science writing, research planning.

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