Leading with purpose: a reflection

A mini-reflection as we approach our fourth (and for the moment), final webinar. 

Participants have enjoyed meeting people from other sectors, or as Robert described it “it’s like bumping into people in the kitchen of a communal office space”.  They also enjoy the structure of the sessions: a short provocation followed by a long discussion, with the space and freedom to roam with curiosity. The sessions were described as “networking with purpose” and participation was enjoyable and justified because it hit the triple bottom line of being culturally and socially interesting and economical because there were no travel or additional expenses.

One note of frustration: each session has had to be curtailed as we ran out of time.  However, that is also hugely positive and takes us to contemplating the future: our instinct is to keep them going; maybe we change the frequency and review other details, but the concept clearly works.

Our workshops in future will be open as now, to executives and non-executives alike as we explore ways to support companies, however, a big picture theme emerging for us at Creative Help is who looks after the CEO? With our interest in social justice we are particularly concerned about this as the CEO is often the lonely figure at the “top” who too often has to shoulder a disproportionate share of the burden. 

On that note; please join us for the fourth and final webinar of our introductory season!  On Wednesday (2nd September), Gwilym Gibbons will ask how we can learn from major event emergency planning and builds on our Reinventing Direction last week to explore how an incident or series of incidents can push us off course, and what action we can take to maintain our bearing. Critically we will consider the role of boards in ensuring decision-making is fit for purpose, agile and delegated to make urgent decisions in times of rapid change, uncertainty and pressure.

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